Butterfly Park

Explore. Learn. Give back.

Open 6 days, 11AM‒4PM. Thursday closed.

Tickets: 5 USD or 10 USD including apple pie and coffee. Charity tour special: 25 USD.

Hi, we are Olaf and Ineke from the Netherlands. In January 2013, we came to Laos with a dream: To build the first Butterfly Park in Laos, to showcase the diversity and beauty that this region has to offer and to educate Lao schoolchildren about the wonders of nature. A little while earlier we had fallen in love with this magic piece of land just beneath the renowned Kuangsi waterfalls. The energy and natural beauty that this place exuded, had completely captured us – and it is still present until today.

In this spirit and with the goal to conserve this special atmosphere, we approached the landscaping and building works with care and kindness towards nature. Walking through our garden, you will find organic shapes and natural materials that follow the original shapes and curves of the area – a garden carved out of nature, speckled with countless colorful flowers to invite the butterflies and an array of host plants to feed the caterpillars.

How it came to be

We invited botanists and biologists from all over the world to train our staff how to raise butterflies and how to grow and care for the plants they need to live and thrive. Together we planned and built the big bamboo enclosure, where you can walk today and meet the diversity of butterflies of this region. We consciously decided to focus on local butterfly species to reflect and showcase the local biodiversity and teach the visitors about the miracle of butterfly lives with local species.

Today, our Butterfly Park features the butterfly enclosure, a beautiful fish pond (a fish spa, where tiny fishes can nibble at your feet), a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Dutch apple pie or chocolate cake and coffee, an orchid garden, a little handicraft shop, and new since 2022, a herb walk where you can learn more about the local herbal medicine.

What we offer

We invite you to explore our garden with an open mind and heart and hope you will feel just as inspired as we do every day that we spend here.


When you arrive at the Butterfly Park, you are greeted by one of our staff or volunteer, who will be happy to inform you about the park
and the features we offer:

  • Butterfly Learning Trail, guide book
  • Butterfly Enclosure
  • Orchid Garden
  • Fish Spa
  • Cafe with homemade Dutch apple pie, chocolate cake and coffee/tea
  • Herb Walk through the jungle

“It was a haven of delight and peace. There were knowledgeable people on the spot to give insight to the species and their life patterns. As a butterfly lover from Europe this sanctuary was a welcome surprise.”  A visitor on TripAdvisor